Why wasn’t the headline “Fleeing scumbag crashes”

Once again the media are beating up the police with their headlines.


The reality is somewhat different from the headline.

The?33-year-old’s?erratic driving?caused?damage to vehicles?in a?Hornby?residential street at 5.45pm.

She fled in her black Ford Explorer but?police?chased her.

The pursuit was abandoned a short time later and a search?started?for her car. ?

Her vehicle was relocated and a second pursuit was initiated, however this was also abandoned because of “the manner of her driving”.

Five minutes later the fleeing vehicle went straight on at a right-hand bend in Centaurus Rd and down a steep incline at about 6pm.

The driver was assisted from her vehicle?at the ?crash scene in Hillsborough?and taken to Christchurch Hospital, where she is understood to be in a serious condition.

Police are?investigating?the crash and?are appealing for anyone who saw?the black Ford Explorer before it crashed to contact them.

So she was erratic, she fled, and crashed…sounds like the Police should have been pursuing someone who was clearly driving dangerously.

I am sick of the media trying to blame the police for these incidents.

The only person responsible for that crash was the idiot driver. Had she stopped when asked none of this would have happened.


– Fairfax, hugging crimes since forever