We go take on ISIS, the war will come to NZ

Kiwi war correspondent Jon Stephenson says fighting ISIS will make New Zealand more of a target for an attack.

In an interview with Radio Live, Mr Stephenson talks about New Zealand’s role in the fight, and says “fighting ISIS will put us at risk”.

“The reality is that New Zealand contributing troops to Iraq is likely to make New Zealanders more at risk because it will raise the possibility of attacks at home.”

While the risk of an attack was “relatively minor”, he says it would certainly increase the possibility, and in his opinion would “also put New Zealanders in the region at risk”.

Mr Stephenson then took a swipe at Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee.

“When I heard Gerry Brownlee yesterday talking about how they’re almost an existential threat to New Zealand travellers because New Zealanders travel around the world and this is a group that could present danger.

This is just really embarrassing to have a Defence Minister who’s either incompetent or so poorly advised or just being wilfully disingenuous to suggest that ISIS poses an existential threat to New Zealand travellers.”

Out of all the Five Eyes partners, we’re the only ones that haven’t had an Islamist terrorism attack on home soil. ? Labour, the Greens and most other lefties argue that we should not go help defeat ISIS on the basis that doing so will attract the wrong kind of attention, and people might die. ?

Going to help isn’t just the right thing to do, it is also our job. ?We can not expect our allies to come help us if we aren’t prepared to help them. ?As Key said, we’re part of a club, and this is what we do to belong.

This country can not defend itself if it was ever attacked. ?We need to count on our friends to keep us safe. ?This is the thing we do to belong to that group of friends, even if it means ISIS comes and takes the fight to our soil.

The world is at war with Islamist lunatics. ? Doing nothing and hoping it just goes away isn’t an option. ?The other reason we need to go is that we have the ability to go help people that are desperately in need of it simply because it’s the right thing to do.

As for Gerry Brownlee, does this fool really think if we are nice to ISIS they won’t attack us? ?Ask those 21 Coptic Christians who were working in construction in Libya what they think.

…Oh wait


– One News