We need a nudge, can you help?


Earlier this month I wrote that I hoped some people would be able to find a spare few dollars to donate to Whaleoil. ?December and January have been lean, and the buffer we had built last year has been used up. ?To the point where we’re kind of looking forward to seeing donations return to previous levels.

At the time, some people wrote “if you need a hand, just sing out”. ?We’re a bit reluctant to (what feels to us like “constantly”) be begging for money, but the truth is that were tight last month, and things are now close to becoming a problem.

We know we’ll catch up soon, and we are working hard with things like the caps and shirts, but, well, to be blunt, there is a serious cashflow problem now.

So here I am, on behalf of the big fella himself – can you please consider chipping in a little? ?Even a small amount helps because if everyone just did $1 he could retire… ?no, forget I said that.

Now, Cam understands there is nothing for nothing, so I?guarantee a cute cat video every night for the rest of the month?if you people can help out.*


You can donate here. ?Thank you.


*?For those of you who don’t want a cute cat video, this will continue to be balanced with videos completely devoid of cats, but I can’t guarantee it will also not contain puppies or babies.

– Pete