We should have run the old dears down.

For the first time in 46 years I lost my temper in public. I am not proud of the tones I used or how I showed my anger but I was amazed both at what happened and the response my anger got.

I was teaching Miss Whaleoil to drive. Her second ever lesson. We were using a park that has internal roads. Where the park road joins the main road you can turn right then right immediately again onto a short curved road that buses use in order to easily turn. This links back onto the park road again. It is only about 30-40metres in length.

The existence of this road makes it easy for learners using the park to do a continuous loop, up and down the park?s internal roads.

We had used it a number of times and as we turned into it there was no bus to be seen. Before leaving this short curved road my daughter gave way and indicated left as it was her intention to turn left onto the Park road. At this point a bus pulled in behind us and honked the horn.

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I told my daughter to stay calm (ironic I know, given what happened next ) and just before she pulled out I told her to wait as two very slow, elderly people were crossing the road to her left in order to head towards the bus. The bus driver could clearly see this and that our indicator light was indicating left ( ie we were not parked ) but she honked the horn a second time.

Again I told my stressed daughter not to panic and that once the road was clear and it was safe to turn without hitting the elderly couple we would turn. The driver honked the horn a third time. We ignored the honk and when finally the couple was across the road we pulled off to the left.

At this point a red mist descended and I asked my daughter to pull over to the side of the road and park.

I walked over to the bus and in an angry tone said, ? excuse me we clearly have learner plates displayed and we could not turn without hitting your passengers. We had to wait for them.?

The female bus driver looked at me and said, ? you were in a bus stop. ? I repeated, ? we could not turn without hitting the people crossing the road.? Again she said, ? you were in a bus stop.? She then told the elderly couple who I was ahead of to get on the bus.

I backed away to let them get on the bus and to my great surprise both of them said that they were not blocking our way and we could have turned. At that point I lost it. I looked at the elderly man and yelled, ? you liar!? I was furious, as there was absolutely no question that they were on the road and that we would have hit them if we had turned. Even worse, from her position high up on the bus the driver knew that what I had said was the truth.

Elderly People sign 3 USA

I then returned to my car.

In hindsight they probably knew the driver and saw me as a threat to her because I was angry and no doubt to their minds disrespectful. They lied to protect her.

It has worked because I will not be putting in a complaint to the bus company as the key witnesses are prepared to lie about what happened.

I checked the short curved road later and indeed there was a bus stop sign hidden behind overgrowth. However, we were driving through it, not parking on it and we had to ignore the honks, as to turn would have meant knocking over the elderly couple.

I wonder if they would have told the truth and backed me up if I had managed to stay calm?

Honestly there was no way that we could have turned without hitting one of them.

Next time you are behind a car with a learner?s plate on it please do consider that there may be an inexperienced driver behind the wheel.

Honking at them repeatedly even if they are in the wrong is dangerous as it could panic them into pulling out into busy traffic and getting hit, or in our case panic them into knocking over pedestrians.

The bus driver should know better. We were in a tiny car dwarfed by her huge bus and I felt bullied and intimidated by her repeated honking, with the bus a few feet behind our bumper.

I should not have responded with anger. I was wrong to do that I know. I am very surprised at myself and embarrassed that I did it in front of my daughter.

We joked all the way home that we might as well have run the old dears down as they certainly did not appreciate that we earned their bus driver?s impatient honks for failing to drive into them.

Not a photo of Spanishbride teaching Miss Whaleoil to drive but I can relate to the mother's expression.

Not a photo of Spanishbride teaching Miss Whaleoil to drive but I can relate to the mother’s expression.