The public letter was released last night.


Public letter: ‘We are Eleanor’

We the undersigned attest that we understand and agree with what Man-Booker prize-winning author Eleanor Catton has said about New Zealand and its politicians and the Neo-Liberal disdain for culture, intellectuals, and artists.

As a collective voice of the creative sector we are determined to ensure that attitudes that belittle and dismiss art’s value to cultural growth are forcefully challenged; that artistic freedom of expression is always celebrated; and that those who in their wilful ignorance mock the integral importance of art as the impetus for societal change are appropriately condemned as the hollow moribund creatures they prove themselves to be.

We call upon the media and the public in general to strenuously oppose any attempt by political forces of any description to in any way restrict, chastise, or otherwise demean artists and their value to our society, and we loudly proclaim that we utterly reject the apparent intent of our current political leaders to cast our nation into a cultural and environmental abyss.

In particular we affirm our solidarity with Eleanor in condemning “the inflammatory, vicious, and patronising things that have been broadcast and published in New Zealand?” in reaction to her comments, and share a grave concern at what she calls “the frightening swiftness with which the powerful Right move to discredit and silence those who question them, and the culture of fear and hysteria that prevails”.

Like Eleanor, we too will hope for better – and demand it.

Abby Gubay

Aileen Davidson

Ahmad Hassan GF

Alan Norman

Alex Griffith

Andy Galaxy

Dr. Alex Monteith

Ali Bramwell

Alistair Browning

Alma Rae

Amanda Witherell

Andrew Fung

Andrew Scott

Andrew T Crum

Antoinette Stones

Ariane Craig-Smith

Badger Badger

Barry Cleavin

Barry Thomas

Briar Comins

Bruce Bisset

Cameron Mckechnie

Carla Schollum

Carmel McGlone

Carmen Potter

Catherine Manchester

Chris Fung

Craig Steve

Cynthia Knight

Dani Tarrizzi

David Bassett

David S Newton

Dean Buchanan

Denise Edwards

Debra Bustin

Derek Cowie

Dhyana Beaumont

Dianne Baker

Dick Whyte

Don Miller

Donna Maria Lawson

Elizabeth Knox

Elsje Winnubst

Endymion Somnum

Ewan McDougall

Fiona Pardington

Frances hansen

Gabriel Alvarez

Gael Bosworth

Geoff Lealand

Gordon W. Mclauchlan

Greg Simpson

Harriet Bright

Hedy May

Hinemoana Baker

Izzy O’Neill

James Bowen

James Crane

Janet Bayly

Jacqui Dunn

Jason Brown

Jean E Loomis

Jim Purge

Joe Simmonds

John Temple

Johnny Mills

Julian McKinnon

Karen St John

Kate Jason Smith

Kate Te Rure

Katherine McLuskie

Kay McMahon

Keith Stewart

Ken Sparks

Kimbra Taylor

Kristelle Plimmer

Laila Harre

Leafa Janice Krause

Lindsay Christopherson

Lindsay Upjohn

Liz Penman Parker

Loren Squires

Lorre Bramley

Lucy Sparks

Lyn Milne

Maia Robin McDonald

Mandy Hager

Mark Ammerman

Mark Hanson

Mary Paul

Michael Armstrong

Michelle M Scullion

Mike Nixon

Mingus Noone

Neil MacGregor Macleod

Neil Watts

Nicola Easthope

Phillipa Durkin

Pita Turei

Pope Asher

Ra Ra Ra

Rachel Kiel-Taylor

Rachael Smith

Raewyn Turner

Regan Billie Jones

Rick Bryant

Rob Njosnavelin

Robyn Urquhart

Ron Hanson

Ross Forbes

Rupert P-h

Sam Morrison

Samin Son

Samuel Leo Lahood

Sandra-Jane Suleski

Sarah Jane Read

Scott Gardiner

Sean Kerr

Seam McDonald

Sharon Singer

Simon Marler

Sue Crockford

Susan Pearce

Sven Solen

Tao Wells

Thomas Lloyd Barry

Tony Chuah

Tony Woollams

Valery Kelly

Vanessa Narby

Vincent Stewart

Wayne jeffery Shivnan

Wendy Chang

Zelna Brinton


We are Eleanor?

How dare these people compare what happened surrounding?Catton getting some national debate about her outburst?to a national terrorism hunt in France that resulted in the deaths of people.

How is this even the same?

Catton wandered into politics after she was a sore loser for not being appreciated by the NZ Post book awards by blaming National for running a greedy government. ? Of course that makes no sense, but she was having a tanty. ?She also told the rest of us she wasn’t comfortable being asked to be a representative ‘New Zealander’, and she condemned the government for being greedy anti-arts types.

And now she’s got?100 “artists” (aka political activists using artists as a shield) that want it to be known that artists should be allowed a public critical voice without being subjected to scrutiny or debate.

Get over yourselves* ? (Whoever you are… seriously, who the hell are you people?)

People died in France at the hand of Muslim terrorists. ?And you losers think you can use that emotion to get behind the hurty feelings of a woman that’s got her head stuck up her own butt? ? Do you not even see this as totally ridiculous? ?You don’t, do you?


*a few years ago I could have used different words


Note: ?This was published by Radio New Zealand who deleted it from their web site. ?Someone there at least had the perspective to realise they were being used. ?Of course, you can’t beat Mr Google who makes a record of everything, and I felt it deserves a good airing.