Welcome to Len’s apartheid city

When Len Brown was first elected as Mayor if Auckland Council he had promised to hold a referendum on Maori seats for the Council.

He reneged on that and instead went for a Maori Statutory Board with appointees rather than elected officials.

Len Brown also stated that he wants the world’s most liveable city.

One would presume that would mean that everyone in?the?city could enjoy the facilities of the city at all times.

However it appears that what he really means is that one race is being preferred over another with the latest outrage being the closing of a popular beach so some Maori can have a party.

Auckland’s popular Okahu Bay beach will be closed to the public this Saturday for a “private family event”, local iwi Ngati Whatua Orakei says.

It has placed a public notice in local newspaper the East and Bays Courier saying the beach on Tamaki Drive will be closed between 6am and 4pm tomorrow.

No-one from Ngati Whatua was available this morning to give further details. ??

Auckland Council says Okahu Bay is under the joint administration of the council and Ngati Whatua and the two groups manage the reserve day-to-day through the Ngati Whatua Orakei Reserves Board.

Events can be booked in advance by a range of community groups, the council’s manager local and sports parks central Jane Aickin said.

Local businesses have not been given any information about tomorrow’s events.

Staff at The Landing boat maintenance and storage facility next to the bay said they knew nothing about it.

Alysha Bidois, function manager at Hammerheads restaurant, said she had no idea anything was going on.

If the event was confined to the bay it would be all right but if traffic backed up it would impact on the restaurant, she said.

“We’ve got lunch bookings with quite a few people coming in, so if it blocks it at all it’s going to be quite horrible for us.”

The 1991 Orakei Act recognised rights over the area guaranteed to Ngati Whatua Orakei by the Treaty of Waitangi.

Under the agreement 48 hectares including Okahu Bay was set aside as a Maori reservation for use by both the local Orakei hapu and the citizens of Auckland.

It would seem, with access to sightseeing spots and now beaches being controlled by Maori that the natural assets of the city are being controlled by an apartheid system put in place and administered by Len Brown’s apartheid council…intent on preferring one race over all other ratepayers.

I think the next election is going to be a doozy when it comes to holding these ratbags to account.


– Fairfax