We’re about to get our official invite to Iraq

The Prime Minister has indicated that a final decision on whether New Zealand will deploy troops to Iraq is imminent.

John Key revealed Defence Force scouts in the Middle East have now identified a suitable base – a crucial element in the decision.

It’s also expected New Zealand may be formally invited to participate in the war against ISIS…

Iraq’s Foreign Minister, Dr Ibrahim al-Ja?afari, is scheduled to meet Foreign Minister Murray McCully [today].

Mr McCully says he’s had no indication what the meeting is about but if it is “to convey a formal invitation I won?t be surprised”.

No Muzza, he’s just there to talk about the migration of salmon. ? Or the decline in Rubik’s Cube sales. ?I’m sure. ?

Defence spokesperson Phil Goff says any commitment New Zealand makes to the fight will also eventually increase.

“You start off with training, and then it’s combat. It’s there for a year but actually it turns out to be a decade,” he says.

Come on Phil. ?Look at the upside: ?you’ll get to spit on many more veterans this way. ?Cheer up.

And finally, there is some clarification about what club the Prime Minister recently referred to when he said fighting ISIS was “the price of the club”.

According to Mr McCully “the club he was talking about was pretty much the human race.”

Bollox. ?He meant Five Eyes. ? And we all know it.