Whaleoil Merchandise: Vineyard hats – on sale now

When we first offered the Whaleoil Caps for sale, a sufficient number of people said they’d prefer a straw hat. ?It’s taken some time to sort these out, especially to ship them at a reasonable cost to the further reaches of the country.


Orders are open until midnight this Friday, so effectively only 5 days. ?Go to the order page to get yours.



An update on the T Shirts – orders have closed, and we’re just contacting a few people by email to sort a few ambiguous orders. ?We expect to place the actual order with the supplier on Monday or Tuesday.

Product of the Month for March will be polo shirts with a modest logo on the left chest. ?Offered in white and black, but open to more colours if there is a strong enough need and it doesn’t get out of hand. ? If you can’t possibly wear black or white, ever, no no no, etc, what colour would you choose?


In the mean time, have a look at getting yourself a straw hat.