What a load of rubbish

I hate ‘journalism’ like this. ?It doesn’t pass the sniff test.

More than 25,000kg of plastic waste is littered in New Zealand each day – and each of us mismanages seven grams of it daily.

That’s according to the newly-published findings of a global study which estimates between five and 13 million tonnes of plastic waste wind up in the world’s oceans every year.

Unless the international community improved its waste management practices, found the authors behind the study in leading journal Science, that number could increase tenfold within the next decade.

The authors found the coastal countries they studied generated about 275 million tonnes of plastic waste in 2010, and that 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes of that waste entered the world’s oceans.

New Zealand, one of 192 countries examined, generated about 3.68kg of waste per person each day – a rate much higher than the vast amount of nations studied.

Notice how they keep moving the goal posts? ?First it is?plastic waste litter. ?Then we get to 3.68kg of waste per person per day. ? ?Waste and litter are very different things. ?And then, as a subset, plastic litter is something else altogether. ?

Apparently as a country we generate 25 TONNES OF PLASTIC?LITTER per day in this country.

It just doesn’t pass the sniff test. ?Litter, to me, is where it doesn’t enters the waste stream. ?So it’s on the ground, in our rivers, in the dunes. ?We’re talking over 9,100 tonnes of plastic LITTER is lying around our country every year.

Can you see it? ? Don’t you think we’d be swimming in it by now?

This sort of “science” is just a whole lot of guessing and extrapolating.

The study’s lead author, Assistant Professor Jenna Jambeck, used eight millions [sic] of tonnes as a midpoint figure to explain the amount of plastic moving from land to ocean each year across the world.

“Eight million metric tonnes is the equivalent to finding five grocery bags full of plastic on every foot of coastline in the 192 countries we examined.”

And were is all this littered plastic moving from the land into the ocean in New Zealand? ? Does it only do it at night?

What a load of rubbish.


– “Jamie Morton is science reporter at the NZ Herald” ?sigh