What did name suppression do for them?

Two men charged with assaulting cricketer Jesse Ryder in Christchurch can now be named.

Craig O’Neill, 39, a builder, has pleaded guilty to assault with intent to injure. His 22-year-old nephew, carpet layer Dylan O’Neill, has pleaded guilty to one charge of assault.

The two men did not appear in court today when their interim name suppression was lifted.

I named both of these idiots before the suppression order came in, and then of course I had to delete and amend my articles.

But I think it is a reasonable question to ask. ?What on earth did suppressing the names of these two men achieve? ?Everyone knew who they were to start with. ?It had been published widely before the suppression order came in.

There was no victim to protect. ?We knew who he was as well.

Courts still hand out suppression orders without reasonable cause just because counsel asks for it. ?And of course, they always ask for it.