Why are you sorry? He was a “judgmental little c*ck”

I?didn’t realise Linda Cooper had it in her.

I?thought she was dead set useless.

But she has come good big time, even if she did apologise afterwards.

Auckland councillor and National Party member Linda Cooper has apologised after she called a man a “judgmental little c**k” on the Pride parade Facebook page.

Ms Cooper had an exchange with Daniel O’Connor who said he thought National MPs Melissa Lee and Alfred Ngaro were against marriage equality.

“Well good on them to be brave enough to come out in support against their constituent Korean and Pacific views,” Ms Cooper said.

When Mr O’Connor said it looked like the two National MPs were trying to piggyback on the achievements they were trying to hold back, Mrs Cooper hit back.

“Get a grip little boy,” she said.

“When you grow up you will realise that life is not black and white. ?

“If you ever have the privilege of serving your country you will find it is not easy and difficult choices have to be made.

“Until then try not to be such a judgmental little c**k,” Ms Cooper said.

This afternoon, Ms Cooper apologised on Facebook for her comments.

“I’m very sorry if my comments to Daniel O’Connor on the Auckland Pride Festival FB page have caused offence. On reflection, my choice of words to make a point was unfortunate and I apologise if my actions have detracted from what was otherwise a fantastic event of celebration and pride.”

Of course some judgmental little?tosspot?has complained.

A council spokewoman said it had received one code of conduct complaint about Ms Cooper’s comments on Facebook in a conversation around “MPs” attendance at the pride parade.

“This will be looked into by the chief executive and managed in the usual way,” she said.

She shouldn’t worry too much about that…If Len Brown escaped she will hardly be troubled by this.

Still I don’t think she should apologise. He was being a “judgmental little c*ck”…did he?not stop to think that perhaps the MPs her was attacking may have changed their minds, adjusted their thinking?

Or was he just off on a little tizzy.


– NZ Herald