Why has Andrew Little stood down Sepuloni?

In a bizarre decision, one which shows signs of cracking under pressure, Andrew Little has stood down Carmel Sepuloni from her Welfare spokesperson role because her mother is on charges of benefit fraud.

The Labour Party’s welfare spokesperson has been stood down from that role following a ONE News revelation.

ONE News has discovered high-ranking MP Carmel Sepuloni’s mother, Beverley Anne Sepuloni, is due to appear in court tomorrow on benefit fraud charges. She is expected to plead to the charges tomorrow.

Carmel Sepuloni, a young rising star in Andrew Little’s Labour Party, was the party’s spokesperson on welfare – until this afternoon. One News called the Labour leader’s office just after 2pm today and by 4pm he had stood Carmel Sepuloni down.?He moved fast.

“We’ve agreed that she will step aside from her role as spokesperson for Social Development. There’s an obvious conflict of interest,” Mr Little says.

Mr Little decided to stand Carmel Sepuloni down after ONE News revealed the accusations against her mother.

Beverley Anne Sepuloni is due to appear in the New Plymouth District Court tomorrow morning on 19 charges laid a month ago. She’s accused of claiming the sickness benefit in 2006 when she shouldn’t have. She’s also accused of applying for the disability allowance in 2008 when she shouldn’t have.

It’s alleged she claimed rent subsidies between 2003 and 2010 which she wasn’t entitled to.?And she’s also accused of failing to tell welfare officials – for 10-and-a-half years – that she was living with a partner.

I can’t fathom why Little has set this precedent.

Carmel Sepuloni hasn’t done anything wrong…it was her mother and the sins of the mother are not those of the daughter.

If this new “Little Standard” applies then he better hope that his cousin’s husband has never been caught in?the?back of a goat.

The only reason why Carmel Sepuloni should have been stood down is if she is implicated, but by all accounts it is only her dodgy mother that is charged and in court.

I feel sorry for Carmel, yes it is embarrassing, but after loyally backing Little in the leadership challenge she has been thrown under the bus because the media door stepped her boss.

This has all the hallmarks of a panicked decision by Andrew Little.

The person he should be standing down is David Cunliffe, if reports of his erratic driving are true.


– ONE News