Why is Steve Joyce so keen to keep giving taxpayer money to businesses?

via ZDNet

via ZDNet

Here we go again. ?Team New Zealand appear to have stuck out their hand and were told to not be so bloody greedy and were sent back to ensure they gave Joyce something he could squeeze past Bill English and the population in general.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce refused to confirm the funding yesterday, but repeated his claim that if New Zealand was confirmed as a venue for the qualifiers “that would make us much more interested in sponsoring the team”.

America’s Cup organisers reportedly made that decision this week, telling teams but waiting until next month to make an official announcement. The delay is understood to be for the Government to finalise its funding. Team NZ has said it would struggle to mount a challenge without it.

However, the amount the Government will contribute to Team NZ’s America’s Cup bid will be “significantly less” than the $36 million Team NZ wanted, sources say.

Mr Joyce said he could not reveal the Government’s hand until the decision was formally announced. However, he hinted New Zealand was successful, pointing to media reports in Australia. The Daily Telegraph reported that America’s Cup organisers had opted for Auckland over Sydney for the rights to host the challenger series. That would mean the five challengers and defenders Oracle Team USA are based in Auckland for up to three months in the leadup to the 35th America’s Cup in 2017.

An America’s Cup spokesman confirmed to the Herald that the venues had been chosen with the “required information published to the teams”.

Mr Joyce said as soon as the America’s Cup authority announced the venues the Government would reveal its hand.

Enough is enough. ?If we are asking people to do with less at the poor end, why are we pouring money into private business ventures care of the tax payer? ?Do we have so much money that we can afford the luxuries? ?I would suggest Bill English to say we don’t.

Steve Joyce and Key were very keen to do the same with SkyCity, until they realised the size of the public backlash and then they changed the message and pretended they were tough negotiators all along.

Team New Zealand is no different. ?Team New Zealand?is a small group of wealthy private individuals running a sporting business, and apart from a government using its influence to perhaps clear legislative or administrative barriers, it should not be putting hard earned taxes into the pockets of millionaires.

Mr Joyce and Prime Minister John Key both earlier said securing the qualifying series would improve the chances of government funding for Team NZ because of the economic spin-offs of hosting such an event.

The Government gave $5 million to keep Team NZ ticking after its defeat to Oracle in 2013 but has refused to commit to further funding.

Ministers felt there was less economic benefit in the sponsorship with the 2017 finals in the Bahamas.

These nebulous economic benefits are always paraded, but nobody dares go back and actually quantify exactly how it worked out. ?Because if they did, the gravy train of millionaires asking for free money from the government would come to an immediate and devastating halt.

It’s clear that Labour and the Greens have a number of ideas they are trying to plant into the voters minds this term. ?One is that the government has become arrogant. ?And sad to say, since the election, they have done little to help themselves and everything to help Little.

The other is the old refrain about “Crony Capitalism”. ?The problem with that phrase is that it doesn’t sell. ?They’re right though. ?If they could just stand the idea of dropping the alliteration and call it what it really is, ?government welfare for rich people, then they might get some purchase.

Tax payers’ money should not go to people who earn more in a year than you pay in tax in your life-time. ?Ever.


-?Dana Johannsen, NZ Herald