Why isn’t Cunliffe stood down?

Yesterday Andrew Little stood down Carmel Sepuloni for something her mother is alleged to have done.

At the same time David Cunliffe was actually breaking the law, driving erratically and was pulled over by Police near Plimmerton.

Former Labour leader David Cunliffe has been nabbed by police for using his mobile phone while driving.

Mr Cunliffe was pulled over by police yesterday morning near Plimmerton, north of Wellington, after a complaint by a motorist who said he was driving erratically.

It was a second incident in a bad day for Labour MPs.

Party leader Andrew Little also stood Carmel Sepuloni down as social development spokesperson after learning her mother faced multiple charges of welfare fraud.

Mr Little said Ms Sepuloni told him the first she had known of the charges was when One News contacted her for comment yesterday.?

The Labour leader expressed his disappointment in Mr Cunliffe, saying no MP was above the law and he would have to face the consequences.

Mr Cunliffe confirmed to the Herald that he “made a cellphone call or two” on loudspeaker while driving to Massey University in Palmerston North.

“A cop pulled me over, I got an infringement notice and I regret it,” he said.

Mr Cunliffe said the phone was on “hands-free” mode and he “didn’t realise it was an offence”, though he clarified that he was holding the phone with one hand. He was fined $80 by a police officer. Mr Cunliffe rejected claims by a witness that he was driving erratically.

Wellingtonian Darryl Smith said a motorist, who he later identified as the Labour MP, overtook his vehicle on the motorway at the bottom of the Ngauranga Gorge.

“He was swerving between the lanes, absolutely no indication whatsoever, changing lanes, nearly hitting cars,” he said.

Didn’t realise?

He voted for the law!

If it was in his hand it is hardly handsfree is it?

This is the man who wanted to be Prime Minister, and he can’t or won’t take responsibility for his own actions. All he has done is offer up weasel excuses.

I wonder if there are any cameras on the Wellington Motorway system which could be OIA’d to verify if he is telling the truth about his driving.

But the question remains, if we are to apply the “Little Standard” surely he should be stood down…he actually did break the law, unlike Carmel Sepuloni who has done nothing wrong.


– NZ Herald