Will Labour & the Greens collude to gift Winston Northland?

The Northland by election is likely to be a foregone conclusion.

The National candidate will win the by election relatively easily. A?donkey could stand and win, might yet do so if his missus lets him.

The good people of Northland are looking for someone to make cabinet…all electorates look for this of course but sadly their barometer of what makes for cabinet material and what is cabinet material are often yards apart.

Buy hey, Mike Sabin was considered a shoe in for cabinet apparently so almost anyone can make it.

There is a slight problem with predicting a march though, the Labour Party and the Greens could decide that changing the balance of parliament is more important than running a losing candidate in an expensive by election they cannot afford. We know Labour is broke they are running some crowd funding to pay for a one page advert in a newspaper, which costs about $4000…money they don;t have, or they are just after some more email addresses. ??

The rub is that the only candidate who could possibly take the seat off National is Winston Peters, and he can only do this with the support of the Greens and Labour not running a candidate.

Gifting Winston a clean run at Northland would be a real show of strategic strength from Labour and the Greens, as it shows that they can work with Winston.

The 2017 election is going to be very hard for the left to win without Winston?s support so it makes sense to give Winston a clear run at Northland.

Of course the pension of St Mary’s Bay is yet to declare and is just teasing at the moment.

If he does stand with such a rort and loses then his credibility will be shot finally and he will finally know that everyone can see through the thinning thatch of his wig and his worn out dentures.