Will the next MP for Northland please stand up?

Winston Peters’ bid to take over the now vacant Northland seat is gathering momentum.

The by-election was forced by the resignation of Mike Sabin last week.

Police knew about issues affecting the former MP but the Police Minister is refusing to comment about whether he knew and who he told.

It’s not even a week since Mr Sabin resigned, but already fighting for his Northland seat has begun.

It’s a safe National seat, but Mr Peters would fight hard, chipping into National’s lead.

But John Key says Peters is acting as a bit of a tease?”[I] wouldn’t bet the marae on it.”

Along with Mr Peters, Conservative Party leader Colin Craig is also considering running for the seat.

The field has narrowed down though with Northland’s prodigal sons Shane Jones and Hone Harawira out of contention.

Bombing in Northland last election wasn’t enough to turn off Labour’s Willow-Jean Prime saying that she is “not intimidated.”

Colin Craig doesn’t have internal support for this move, and there are stresses and strains inside the Conservative Party that may end up spilling over. ?The question of what happened to Colin’s PA around the last election may have slipped from your mind, but it is still a very raw question for party insiders. ?At some point, the story will come out.

Winston is having a lend. ?There is no way that Northland voters will put their faith into Peters. ?But at least he’s having a go… ?In the odd event he does win, he will cease to be a list MP and become an electorate MP. ?This means National’s majority would drop by one, yet there would be no difference to the NZ First MP count. ? Ahhh, an electorate seat – if only Winston hadn’t taken Tauranga’s support for granted.

Harawira is an interesting no-show. ?I would have thought it good strategy to keep his face in the news. ?The longer Mana isn’t in the headlines, the harder it will be for Hone to claim his seat back in 2017. ?Of course, he’s not got much money as his substantial performance bonus never came through. ?Dotcom’s keeping that off-shore as a little nest egg for himself no doubt.