Win a free Whaleoil T-Shirt

Last month, I made a joke about trapping people into buying caps. ?I used the Internet-meme where Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar says: “It’s a trap!”, but reader ex-Jafa threw some Photoshop at it and came up with “It’s a Cap!” ?It was clever, and I used it to advertise the caps.

He just submitted the next step in the sequence for the T-Shirts that are going to be on-sale shortly.


Although it’s funny as part of the sequence, it makes no sense (little sense?) as a stand-alone image. ?So I had this idea: ?a free T-Shirt to the winner of the Photoshopped image that I’ll end up using to advertise the T-Shirts.

Here’s the starting point:


Use your imagination. ?Entries close this Friday. ?Winner will be picked by me and it will represent what I like best. ?It will earn you a free Tee in your size (black or white).

To make sure I see your entry, apart from sharing it with the rest of the class here, send it also to [email protected]…..

The winning image will run with full credit to the artist as part of the week when T-Shirt orders are being taken.


– Pete