Winston’s double standards when it comes to taxpayer cash

Winston Peters is having a whinge about the cost of the investigation into the salad dodger Gerry Brownlee and his transgression with airport security

NZ First leader Winston Peters says Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee should pay for $43,550 in legal and staff costs for an inquiry into his security breach at Christchurch Airport last year.

Mr Peters released information obtained under the Official Information Act which showed the total cost included $21,275 for a peer review of the CAA’s findings by lawyer Mary Scholtens and $17,490 in staff time for the Civil Aviation Authority. ?

Mr Brownlee stood down as Minister of Transport and apologised for bypassing security screening in June because he and his staff were running late. He was later fined $2000 after the Civil Aviation Authority investigation.

Mr Peters said Mr Brownlee’s behaviour was “arrogant”.

“He was carried away, believing as a minister he was above the law … All Mr Brownlee got for his action in July last year was a $2000 fine. Civil Aviation investigated the breach, no doubt to stop it happening again, with costs of $43,550.”

Maybe Winston could pay for it out of the 158,000?he still owes the taxpayer and we call it quits.


– NZ Herald