I wonder if Labour will try this here?

I wonder if our very own “future of work” researcher?who has?never had a proper job, Grant Robertson, would be supportive of a scheme that would see benefits stopped and unemployed forced into work after two years.

They would probably throw their hands up at the horror of the state forcing the indolent into work.

But that is exactly what Labour in the UK is proposing.

The unemployed should be forced to take a job after no more than two years on the dole to end stop them spending a ‘lifetime on benefits’, Labour will say today.

Rachel Reeves is challenging David Cameron to back Labour’s plan for a jobs guarantee to limit Jobseekers Allowance to a year for under 25s and two years for older workers.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the shadow work and pensions secretary warned the country cannot afford leaving people ‘stuck on benefits for years on end’.

Latest figures show the number of people claiming JSA stood at 867,700 in December, down from 1.6million in 2011 but still 90,000 higher than the pre-crash trough in February 2008.

However, there are 133,200 people aged 25 and over who have been claiming JSA for two years or more, and 30,000 people aged 18-24 have been on JSA for over a year.

Under Labour’s plan, the government would force those on the scheme to take a job working 25 hours a week, paid at the minimum wage, for six months.

The party hopes that four in five people would be kept on by employers in the job after six months.

From a Labour spokesperson!

In a letter sent to Mr Cameron, seen by MailOnline, Miss Reeves calls on the government to back the idea.

She writes: ‘Abandoning people to a lifetime on benefits is not only bad for individuals and their families, but bad for the economy, and bad for the taxpayer who foots the bill.

‘With youth unemployment up over the past quarter, the need to tackle this issue and get people off benefits and into work is even more urgent.’

Abandoning people to a lifetime on benefits is not only bad for individuals and their families, but bad for the economy, and bad for the taxpayer who foots the bill

She tells Mr Cameron: ‘It’s time to put an end to your government’s rules which allow jobseekers to spend a lifetime on benefits without being offered a day’s paid work.’

She says the figures show that the number of over-25s on benefits for more than two years has risen by 224 per cent since 2010.

‘By a one-off repeat of the tax on banker’s bonuses and restricting pension tax relief on incomes over ?150,000, the Government could fully fund a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee to ensure that anyone 25 and over receiving JSA for two years and over, and anyone under 25 who has been receiving JSA for over a year, would be offered a paid job that they will have to take or face losing benefits.

‘This is a tough but fair contract, because as a country we simply cannot afford to continue wasting the potential of so many, leaving them stuck on benefits for years on end.’

I bet Grant Robertson and Andrew Little lack the stones to propose this for New Zealand.

– Daily Mail