“Would you not be furious to find your sister celebrating Valentine’s Day with a stranger?”


Ever considered Valentines Day to be a day of violence? ?Perhaps even a day where you could get killed for celebrating love?

If you are a regular reader of Whaleoil, you get exactly?zero guesses as to which enlightened people hold the view that Valentines Day needs to be gotten rid of.

Last year, when? some Saudi men celebrated the day of love, they were arrested by police and sentenced to 32 years each in prison and 4,500 lashes for being found with “unrelated women, drinking and dancing”.?

In Pakistan, some Islamic youth groups take it upon themselves to police young lovers on Valentine’s Day.

“There are many posters around my city by Jamaat Islami Pakistan’s youth wing,Shabaab-e-Milli, saying that those boys and girls found celebrating Valentine’s Day will be forced to marry each other,” Awais Iqbal from?told Al Jazeera by phone from Lahore.

Iqbal, a TV presenter at Alite Channel, recounted how?in his university days he was beaten by a Jamaat Islami Pakistan crowd for just talking to a girl.

Iqbal said students at Punjab University in Pakistan where he studied generally fear such mob attacks, making it impossible for them to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Shabaab-e-Milli defended the group’s sometimes-violent actions against the day of love and those who celebrate it.

“Would you not be furious to find your sister celebrating Valentine’s Day with a stranger?” Shabaab-e-Milli spokesman Zubair Khan asked Al Jazeera.

“If we will not stop this, then somebody else will. We may even slap these people for committing such acts and summon their parents to tell them what their offspring is up to.”

Iqbal said despite the threats, there are still places where men and women in Pakistan can still enjoy Valentine’s Day in peace.

And fear.

Professor Abdullah Ahsan, a scholar of comparative civilisation at the?International Islamic University Malaysia, explained why Valentine’s Day is so offensive to Muslims in general.

“I think mainly because conservatives – I shall avoid ‘fundamentalists’ – are most concerned about family values and Valentine’s Day has the tendency to deviate from those values,” he said.

Religion of Peace my rear end.


– Al Jazeera