$10,000 fine for cutting down prickly bushes

This is absurd. ?And this is Matagouri


This stuff makes gorse look like sheeps wool. ?It’s only purpose is to provide a huge volume of prickles. ? A farmer got rid of some on his farm and it cost him $10,000 and fake remorse…

An Ashburton farmer has paid $10,000 into a council bio-diversity fund after he cut down native bushes without permission.

The farmer removed Matagouri from his farm this year without resource consent from the Ashburton District Council, which has rules in its district plan protecting native plants.

An Ashburton councillor, Alan Totty said the farmer was lucky to avoid legal action and it was a good reminder for farmers to check with the council before clearing native vegetation.

The farmer paid the money into the fund as tangible recognition of his remorse for cutting down the bushes.

If there was ever an example as to why the RMA is broken this is it. ?These are all over the place and hardly a threatened species. ?They grow in abundance as well as easily. ?There are carpets of them through the South Island passes, Otago and vast areas of Canterbury.

One thing though – don’t see that Green idiot volunteering to go sit on top of one as a way to protest their removal.