3News poll shows scale of Steve Joyce’s disaster

A 3News poll last night in Northland shows that Winston Peters is the man to beat, and shows us all that the much vaunted brains trust led by Steve Joyce has royally screwed up.

Yesterday the excuses were being trotted out by Joyce…Winston has 40 years of name recognition…blah, blah, blah.

Whatever, this is politics, play the game Steve…or go home.

The poll suggests that he and his nasty little side-kick should go home.

The 3 News-Reid Research poll of 500 Northland voters was taken between March 19 and 22, and has a margin of error of 4.4 percent.

Preferred candidate?

  • Winston Peters – 54 percent
  • Mark Osborne – 34 percent
  • Willow Jean Prime – 10 percent
  • Others – 2 percent ??

Are the bridge upgrades a bribe?

  • Yes 74 – percent
  • No 22 – percent
  • Don’t know – 4 percent

Do you agree with the bridge upgrades?

  • Yes – 58 percent
  • No – 39 percent
  • Don’t know ? 3 percent

Can you trust Winston Peters?

  • Yes? – 43 percent
  • No – 48 percent
  • Don’t know – 9 percent

Are we getting the picture here yet?

Haven’t I been telling readers what was going on, and yet some of you tugged your forelocks and parroted the party line.

I won’t ever do that…the importance of sites like this in politics is to tell the truth and call things how they are not how I’d like them to be.

Sycophancy and arrogance has got National into quite a pickle and I imagine John Key won’t be best pleased with his brains trust lining up a hair shirt for him come Saturday night.

As I said play the game or go home. Right now these guys look like they can’t play behind a scrum going backwards.

Peter Goodfellow thinks he can walk on water but he has only ever played behind a scrum going forward. Same with Steve Joyce, hell he won’t even stand in a seat.

Time for the coach to call a team meeting come Sunday and start benching some of the old guard.


– 3 News