6 Kiwis unaccounted for in Vanuatu

The government is in the dark over six New Zealanders who could be missing in Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam.

Asked what’s being done to try and reach the six missing Kiwis, [Civil Defence Minister Nikki Kaye] replied, “I know the MFAT staff are working around the clock, firstly to ensure those people that have contacted MFAT or other families are absolutely in the loop. But secondly that communications infrastructure is up and running.

We?ve got a Hercules going over later today to look at those further assessments. But the best thing that New Zealanders can do is one; look on?www.safetravel.govt.nz?two; send short text messages, because those are likely to get through to loved ones.”

It is undersood thre is a total of 160 New Zealanders in Vanuatu. Asked if they expected to make their own way out, whether the government would evacuate them, the Civil Defence Minister said, “There?s a lot of meetings that are happening over today, because the point that [Foreign] Minister Murray McCully made to me this morning is we will know more once some of those assessments happen. We know that some of those assessments are quite difficult getting into the outer islands.

“And I think until we?ve got that picture in the next six to eight hours, then we will know more and we?ll be able to work through those plans.”

The government has given initial aid of $1 million to Vanuatu and other nations hit by the clone.

Vanuatu has been flattened. ?$1M isn’t going to do it.

If you want to help out, visit the Red Cross and chip in a little.