90% of kids go without lunch in some schools?

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has backtracked on a claim up to 90 percent of children in schools go without lunch each day.

Ms Turei made the claim during Parliament’s question time [yesterday], while questioning Prime Minister John Key about the number of children going to school without lunch.

She asked whether he would commit to a cross-party agreement to provide food in schools. She used statistics from charity KidsCan which she claimed stated 23 percent on average, and up to 90 percent of children in schools go without lunch every day.

23 percent of children in schools go without lunch?every day? ?

Ms Turei backtracked on Facebook… ?”Bugger, I was unclear in my question….

“I meant to say that KidsCan says about 23 percent on average and up to 90 percent of the kids in the schools it works with need lunch every day. Not 90 percent of kids in all schools.

“It happens in the heat of the moment sometimes.”

I’ve gone to a number of schools myself, and no way is there an average of 23% of kids going without lunch?every day.

The Prime Minister had pledged to use his own money to buy one New Zealand school’s lunches for a year, if Ms Turei’s claim in the House was proved true.

Mr Key was sceptical about the figures, saying it was not something he’d seen in the many schools he’d visited since becoming Prime Minister and put his money where his mouth is.

He offered to take Ms Turei to a school of his choosing to test the claim.

“If 90 percent of them don’t have lunch I personally will buy them lunch for the whole year,” Mr Key offered.

Ms Turei accepted the invitation.

The stupidity of it all. ? It hurts. ? Even accepting Key’s invitation is stupid.

These figures may be quoted, but they have no basis in fact. ?A bit like 1 in 5 men is a rapist. ?And those 250,000 children in New Zealand that live in poverty.

Or a 500 year old Kauri tree for that matter.

If there was a 90% daily rate of kids not having lunches at any school, I would like to know which schools fit that profile.