A good keen man

Cam spent some time with Josh Fagan from the Sunday news.


“To start off with . . . when you weigh 115kg and you want to weigh somewhere around 100 you’ve got to train hard and you’ve also got to watch what you’re eating,” Slater said.

He has been putting in three training sessions of “bloody hard work” a day, and was in the best shape of his life.

Slater was putting his body on the line for the charity bout at the Super 8 tournament, in Horncastle Arena on March 28.

But he said he would walk away happy whatever the outcome against the powerfully built Ryder, who stopped radio presenter Mark Watson three years ago in another charity boxing match-up.

“Whether I win or lose, I still win,” Slater said. “Whether Jesse knocks me flat on my back or I knock him on his back, I’ve still proved a point.”

Slater said he was driven by the desire to send a message to his critics and pictured the faces of journalists he disliked every time he prepared to unleash on a punching bag.

He would consider his boxing future after Saturday, but was eyeing up a follow-up bout against a politician.

I haven’t asked Cam who he’s thinking of.

Which politician do you think Cam should get into the ring with? ? For charity, of course!


– Sunday News