A little history lesson for John Key, journalists and the National party

A reader emails:

It seems to me the youngsters in the media commentating on politics are too young to look back at history. Most weren’t born in 1969.

After the 1969 General Election Hon Tom Shand the long standing member for Marlborough died.? What did the “good and wise” delegates at the selection meeting for their replacement candidate in the 1970 by-election do? They selected Anthony Shand; Tom’s wet son who subsequently lost a blue seat to the Labour Candidate Ian Brooks, a telephone exchange operator who held it until 1975 when National put up Ed Latter, a one-termer replaced by Sir Doug Kidd in 1978.

Anyway the lesson for National is similar 45 years on.? A popular PM can not control the delegates who will be the masters of their own destiny. Unfortunately in Northland they are aided and abetted by Joyce and de Joux who have no?idea how to run an election or by-election outside Wellington or Auckland.? The seat will come back to National in 2017 when the delegates understand they have to put up a credible candidate.

I’m not sure Northland will come back to National in 2017, all indications are that Northland is being used to create a path for survival for NZ First post-Peters.

Still the history lesson is useful, especially for John Key who doesn’t have a long standing in the party, and holds no truck for the history of the party.

His bravado yesterday and today looks silly.