A real vampire?

We know gingas have no soul, and that makes them day walkers, because they can still survive in sunlight. ?But this girl… she starts burning up as soon as the sun is on her skin


Autumn Everitt-Brick, from?Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, suffers an extremely rare reaction to UV light and heat.

Exposure causes immediate reddening and blistering to her skin, leaving her confined to her home for fear of a painful attack.

I guess she’ll be quite keen to go out at night. ?Perhaps even live further north to reduce the daylight hours. ?

The 18-year-old said:?’Being allergic to the sun and heat has meant I can’t lead a normal life like any other teenager.

‘Instead I’ve become nocturnal to escape the sun.

‘People often think I’m lying, but it’s absolutely devastating.

‘All I want to do is simple things in life like walk to the shops or learn how to drive.’

While she had always suffered from skin problems, Autumn’s condition began to cause severe complications when she was 13 – and suffered a severe reaction to the sun.

‘I’d only been out there for ten minutes but my shoulders burnt so badly that my dad compared me to a human candle,’ she recalled.

Dad’s just being nice. ?You’re an honest to god real a vampire.


Her typical day now consists of waking up at 5pm.?’My dinner has become my breakfast and I stay up all night chatting to people from Australia,’ she explained.

‘I paint a lot to pass the time while everyone else sleeps and it’s become a real passion of mine.

‘I can’t really remember life before my allergies, but I wish I could do normal things other people are doing my age.’

She has been told that as she gets older, the allergies should calm down – but she still worries about the future.

Jokes aside, that has to be a truly inconvenient affliction.

– Mail Online