A real whodunnit


A mystery pooper has a regular date at an Invercargill swimming pool.

Splash Palace has been closed for cleaning for five Fridays in a row after a pool was fouled just after 5pm each day, says Invercargill City Council aquatic services manager Pete Thompson.

The leisure, learners and main pool had all been struck, in one case with a case of diarrhoea, Fairfax reports.

It was expensive to clean the pools, which had to be closed for six hours each time.

Certain sports groups used the pools on Friday afternoons and staff were narrowing down the culprits.

It is believed the floaters have been deliberate, but if the polluter was caught that had to be proved, Mr Thompson said.

How would you prove it?

As far as I know, there is no DNA in poop that will match the host.

Which leaves having to catch the culprit in the act…


– NZ Newswire