A sensible first step, MinHealth to investigate medicinal cannabis

The Ministry of Health is set to look into the health benefits of medicinal cannabis.

An investigation into the use of cannabis for medical purposes has been carried out by the Ministry of Health.

Growing numbers of jurisdictions allow cannabis for medical use and the Government has come under pressure to re-examine its use here.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne, who oversaw New Zealand’s innovative regulations on so-called legal highs, asked officials to look into the issue.

“My office receives regular correspondence seeking legislative change … cannabis, I am told, is apparently the panacea for a plethora of ailments, some of which, sadly, are painfully debilitating,” Mr Dunne said.

“For those suffering from such ailments I have enormous sympathy … the evidence [supplied by officials], however, has been underwhelming.”

There is a problem in assessing cannabis. ?

A reader emailed:

It now seems that the medicinal properties of cannabis is coming to the forefront in many first world countries…sadly….the last 20-30 years of selective breeding for high THC content has made it difficult for the medicinal?users to find medicinal cannabis.

Good news though is that the “old” strains are still out there…even though very rare, and are used by?medicinal users.

Medicinal cannabis users are using cannabis that is low in THC but high in “Cannabidiols“…this is?he component that has a calming and pain healing effect without the “stoner” effect of todays common dak.

The?USA and European countries are realising the very positive results from medicinal dak and the positive?help it is giving suffers of multiple sclerosis, other nervous system disorders, mental issues etc.

Because cannabis was made into an illegal product…therefore, a good thing for criminals to profit from,?it has been altered for illegal gain…ie the stoner effect.

As the medical world gains more knowledge, the benefits of cannabis is starting to show its self.

Research is thin on the ground, even in the US, because of the illegal status of cannabis. Researchers have focussed on issues regarding high THC and not on the medicinal properties of CBD potent cannabis.

The Ministry of Health will need to be mindful of this.


– NZ Herald