A win for the Whale…Milford pulls its ambush marketing

Weekend readers will have read the article covering the unethical behaviour of Milford Asset Manipulator?s ambush marketing of its competitors here.

The Whaleoil army can wave a victory flag this afternoon.

Milford Asset Manipulators have pulled all their Google ads where they attempted to manipulate the public into clicking into their link.

NBR is reporting:

Milford Asset Management?s woes continue as a rival fund manager lodges a fresh complaint to the FMA about ambush marketing of KiwiSaver services.

Fisher Funds boss Carmel Fisher says she is disgusted at Milford?s apparent deliberate misuse of the Fisher brand name through a Google AdWords marketing campaign.

Milford appears to have used the Fisher name to try to attract potential customers to its own website by paying for search words.

Hence, when someone typed ?Fisher kiwisaver? into Google, an ad for ?Milford Fisher Kiwisaver? topped the search list with a link to the Milford website.

Similar outcomes were experienced for fellow providers Generate and ANZ?s OneAnswer KiwiSaver scheme.

Milford has pulled the campaign, which was highlighted by Cameron Slater?s Whale Oil blog yesterday. ??

Ms Fisher says she?s been told it has been going on for some time and is glad it no longer works.

?We?re not happy about anybody using our brand or misrepresenting our brand. And the FMA has been alerted to it. Because I don?t think the FMA likes KiwiSaver brands to be misused or misrepresented in any way. It?s really not behavior that is becoming of a professional KiwiSaver provider.?

Ms Fisher says the FMA is hot on any practices or behavior that could potentially mislead investors.

?And this is the most misleading behavior you could get really, by representing your brand as something else. I mean there is no such thing as the Milford Fisher Kiwisaver.

?So why anybody would pay for an ad with that as a headline? It’s not a genuine mistake it?s just misleading.?

Ditto for Google searches of OneAnswer (ANZ) and Generate. There are no more tricky ads for ?Milford Generate Kiwisaver? or ?Milford OneAnswer Kiwisaver”

Milfiord may yet have to sweat it out while their other competitors review their legal positions as to the trademark abuse that Milford have engaged in. But we do know now that Fisher Funds has reacted and complained to the?regulators.

Dear oh dear…Milford Asset Management – alleged manipulators of stocks and proven manipulators of trademarks and web search engines?.

Meanwhile, keep the tips coming in? we?re loving what we?re reading about certain Milford staff members.