Abbott’s on a blinder

Tony Abbott has got really, really lucky

First he gets to bash refugees and human rights wankers:

Australians are “sick of being lectured to by the United Nations”, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said after a report found Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers breaches an international anti-torture convention.

Mr Abbott’s criticism of the UN follows his attack last month of Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs, in which he called the report she commissioned on children in detention a “political stitch-up”.

The United Nations report, by the UN’s special rapporteur on torture, finds Australia is violating the rights of asylum seekers on multiple fronts under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Special rapporteur on torture Juan Mendez found the detention of children, escalating violence in offshore processing centres, and the detention and proposed deportation of two groups of Sri Lankan and Tamil asylum seekers were in breach of Australia’s international obligations.

The report, which will be tabled at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday, has been rejected outright by the government.

In extraordinary comments on Monday afternoon, Mr Abbott attacked the UN and said its representatives would “have a lot more credibility if they were to give some credit to the Australian government” for stopping boat arrivals.

“I really think Australians are sick of being lectured to by the United Nations, particularly, particularly given that we have stopped the boats, and by stopping the boats, we have ended the deaths at sea,” Mr Abbott said.

“The most humanitarian, the most decent, the most compassionate thing you can do is stop these boats because hundreds, we think about 1200 in fact, drowned at sea during the flourishing of the people smuggling trade under the former government.”

Mr Abbott said the best thing the government could do to “uphold the universal decencies of mankind” was to stop boat arrivals.

“And that’s exactly what we’ve done,” he said.

“I think the UN’s representatives would have a lot more credibility if they were to give some credit to the Australian government for what we’ve been able to achieve in this area.”

Then abos on the bludge:

It was on ABC Radio in Kalgoorlie on Tuesday when Mr Abbott first made the remarks.

?It is not the job of the taxpayer to subsidise lifestyle choices,? Mr Abbott said.

?Fine by all means live in a remote location, but there?s a limit to what you can expect the state to do for you if you want to live there.

?What we can?t do is endlessly subsidise lifestyle choices if those lifestyle choices are not conducive to the kind of full participation in Australian society that everyone should have.?

The prime minister said it was reasonable for state governments to stop funding services in remote communities if the costs were out of proportion to the benefits.

Then back to refugees and the UN:

A scathing United Nations ruling against Australia’s “cruel and degrading” practice of locking up refugees indefinitely on the basis of secret ASIO assessments has been brushed aside by Tony Abbott’s government.

The international lawyer who took the case to the UN has slammed the response as a “two-fingered salute to the world”, just days after Mr Abbott decried being “lectured” by the UN over a separate critical finding.

Official correspondence obtained by Fairfax Media shows Australia had already rejected the far more substantive ruling of the 18-member UN Human Rights Committee on indefinite detention before Mr Abbott’s?criticism this week?of the independent special rapporteur on torture.

The committee’s ruling centred on more than 30 recognised refugees who remain locked in Australian immigration detention as a threat to national security ??yet none are charged with a crime or permitted to know the detail of the ASIO finding against them.

The refugees are not able to challenge the content of the secret security assessments in court.

Talk about one open goal after the other.

“It is really giving the two-fingered salute to the world.”

And all Australia is saying good onya Tony, you may wear budgie smugglers and be a bit of a dickhead but tell those wankers at the UN to get stuffed.


– SMH, The Advertiser