About those landline polls, huh?

The left wing like to blame poor poll results on the mistaken belief that pollsters who ring landlines are missing their supporters.

That myth has been busted over and over and over again, but still they persist in trying to blame something, anything for their shit results, without ever stopping for just a moment to realise that the problem is that the electorate just thinks they are tits. And have been since 2008.

Once again the evidence destroys their delusion.


Andrew at Grumpolie looked at how the polls and polls of polls did, compared to the election result.?

The Herald Digipoll was best overall. Of the poll of polls, the methodology I used did fairly well.

Not on the chart is how iPredict did. It was very accurate in 2011, but in 2014 was well out with a total error of 12.3%.

Overall the public polls under-estimated support for National and NZ First, were slightly too high for Labour and way too high for the Greens.

Andrew also made the point:

The landline bias/non-coverage issue is a red herring ? the polls that came closest only call landlines.?It?s just one of many potential sources of error that pollster?s need to consider. Here?s another post about this, if anyone is interested in finding out why it?s not such a big deal.

Pinko?is much too modest to point out blatantly that the reason that John Key thanked him on election night was because of his accuracy in polling. Those results show that.

What it also shows that the left wing continued reliance on Roy Morgan and their own pollster UMR is fraught with danger.

Over and over people who should have known better, like Rob Salmond, kept on claiming publicly and loudly that the polls were all wrong and that their numbers were better.

They were of course proven wrong…and as long as they keep deluding themselves that it is because of landlines the longer they will stay in opposition.

They need to focus on policies and people that voters can warm to, instead of screaming incoherently that the voters were wrong again.


– Kiwiblog