Accuracy from the Herald…surely you jest?

Yesterday the esteemed NZ Herald told us:

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Defence Force is also prepping the HMNZS Canterbury for departure tomorrow.

The ship will be packed with aid, equipment and more than 100 Defence Force engineers when it sets sail from Devonport naval base tomorrow morning.

Righto…so I should be able to watch as it sails up the harbour this morning right?


3News managed to get it right…on Sunday.

HMNZS Canterbury is expected to leave from Devonport Naval Base today with equipment for the reconstruction, including two helicopters.

It will carry up to 250 people to help onshore as well as 126 crew and will take three to four days to reach the island nation.

And so it did…a Navy press release said so…and I watched it sail up the harbour.

The Navy has been preparing the ship to be ready for a possible deployment since the cyclone struck Pacific Island countries late last week, said the Commanding Officer, Commander (CDR) Simon Rooke.

?We know we can make a difference over there, whatever the exact tasks are,? he said. ?This ship has an extraordinary range of capabilities. This is what we train for, what we do, and we can do it well.

?My crew and I are looking forward to helping the people over there whose lives have been overturned in the disaster,? CDR Rooke said.

The ship is expected to sail on Sunday after helicopters have been embarked and appropriate aid supplies and personnel are aboard.

It left at 1530 yesterday bang on time – as scheduled.

Herald reporters covering the Port protest may have seen it steaming down the harbour!!

It’s berth is empty.

No idea where tomorrow’s departure time came from…maybe John Drinnan’s keyboard?

– NZ Herald, 3News, NZ Navy