An email from a Northland voter

Commenters wonder why I am critical of Steve Joyce’s campaign in Northland…despite not being a member of the National party I get the feeling that some of our readers would prefer sycophancy instead of me calling things how I see them.

Sycophancy is how political parties lose their edge. I don’t want a Labour government but if John Key and Steve Joyce don’t sort their crap out, then that is precisely what we will get.

I’m not anti-National?for the sake of it…I am anti the attitudes that have been allowed to creep in and I call it so they can wake up.

Last night I received this email from a reader about Northland…it should be a wake up call for National, but I suspect it won’t be.

It was the result of a roadside discussion in Wellsford between the writer and Tim MacIndoe and Mark Osborne. The writer is clearly thinking of voting for Winston Peters. As requested by the writer I have removed identifying details

Subject: Why I am finding it hard to vote National
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 19:11:54 +1300
From: [redacted]
To: Tim MacIndoe
Cc: Mark Osborne

Hi Tim,

Following up on our conversation on the side of the road at Wellsford, my Mum who attends Holy Trinity , told me off for thinking voting Winston, going back in time I spent a couple of months with [redacted]?doing the hall alterations at Holy Trinity,?it was about the time [redacted]?started his [redacted]?Business. He needed one customer a week.

Over the time I have lived up in Northland for twenty years.

The biggest issue is?scattered populations and economics resulting on what Northland is and having lived in other areas I can see the differences in a nutshell. ?

With metal roads and one way bridges they are the norm, with?education, my partner teaches at [redacted], the roll numbers mean that a full range of subjects can never be offered , there is no accounting, economics offered there is some E learning offered, which works for some of the children but not others.

Employment, people are lucky to have jobs and there are a lot of people out there are struggling,? Northland is not like the Waikato, your home patch, there are?parts of Northland that are?better than others.

I believe National should offer this week? a regional plan looking at what can?be done, finding solutions.

To highlight what I am saying is a real example, I would ask you Tim to ask the Minister of ACC:

A?person is injured, end result has to change occupation, ACC says he could to certain jobs, only problem is there is no jobs in area. ACC says travel to Whangarei or Auckland 2 to 3 hours drive. ?Types of jobs person has never done yet ACC says they?think they?can do the job.

What is the Minister ‘s view on what is reasonable? How far should a person be asked to travel, secondly how many jobs should be available before the job type?is consider valid?

RMA:?this needs to change, the problems I see is so many variations as to how councils administrate the RMA, from experience I see council staff putting their own take on what is to happen, and council staff making decisions on certain issues that they have no knowledge of.

The changes I would make is for all council rules to?be consistent across all councils (a national frame-work of rules and bylaws).

I suggest if National wants to win and overcome the dissatisfaction, be up front, talk the real issues, admit there are?problems in Northland, we know we are behind the eight ball?because of spread and density?of population and the distance to get anywhere.

I love Northland, I care about people.

There is a lot, we as a region, with?the right policies, investment in the right place, that we can achieve. I think National needs to look at what will work, we are so different to other parts of the country.

I could go on, but what I want to hear is bringing on targeted spending and policies that works for Northland. We are intelligent and I ?having lived?in the same area and?attended the same church, I can tell you some policies will work in NorthLand and they would be wrong in Hamilton and vice versa.

Perhaps to be a good government you have to be a mixture of green left and right and part time policemen to provide fairness and no one gets an unfair advantage.

I will vote National on Saturday?if I hear National talking about people, ten bridges did not go down well.

Mark think people, people if you want to be MP?and if elected never forget its all about people.

Feel free to ring me and Tim do not forget my questions for the minister of ACC

If John Key is stopping in Wellsford, I will tell the Man himself.


This email encapsulates all that is wrong in the National campaign in Northland.

They rolled in the brains trust of Steve Joyce, Jo de Joux and others, and thought they could set up camp in a town and run a campaign like they did in Botany, Mt Albert, Christchurch East?and in Mana. They were wrong.

Adding salt to the wounds is the involvement of idiot young Nats. Especially from the kind of blokes that would be taken behind the changing sheds at the local rugby club and given a good box about the ears for their insolence.

If National win it will be by a whisker and questions need to be asked about the campaign…the problem is if they win they will bank that in the win ledger and not properly anaylse just how a close run thing it was.

If they lose,?then reputations are at stake…firstly John Key’s…the teflon man has finally lost something. Steve Joyce will try and shift the blame to others, but he is the strategist, and Jo de Joux might think it lucky that John Key will hire her to run the flag debate…but the damage will be done…another cut in the?death by a thousand cuts and not a cut that should ever have needed to have happened.

I don’t want a Labour government, especially one led by a union boss, but if John Key and his so-called team don’t lift their game then there frankly needs to be some blood on the floor.