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Questions in the House

JACINDA ARDERN to the Minister of Internal Affairs: How will his decision to cut funding by $392,000 a year to the specialist non-fiction service provided by the National Library affect access to educational resources for rural schools?

When I read this gem I was reminded of the time I had moved to Wellington (about 1987) and was looking for a Branch of the Labour Party to join.? Such was the activism of the Party at the time there was plenty of choice.? I visited several inner city branches, the most memorable of which was the Aro St Branch.? They were preparing remits for Conference, and the question of Nicaragua came up.? The members got all fired up and rummaged around to find the remit they had put in the previous year, and the year before that … and decided to represent it.? The war in Nicaragua was over, there was no reason to go and help the Sandanistas by picking coffee, and there were many more important things at home to worry about. ?

When I murmured that it seemed to me that the remit was out of date I was told briskly that the Politicians needed constant reminders of their beliefs and the roots of the Labour party, both locally and internationally, and this remit was one of the ways they could do that.

I did not join that branch.

However it seems that the Sandanista battle is still alive and well!? Jacinda Adern does not seem to realise that there is a huge resource on the internet that is available to all schools.? I am an educator in the Tertiary Sector and I know that, by and large, the written word is out of date by the time it is published.? Articles, magazines and other resources on the web are an absolute must for all educators.? The paper driven library is out of date.

This Government has made a really good start at rolling out fibre to the rural sector, and most schools either have good access or will do so very shortly.

Frances Denz MNZM