And another one leaves Len’s ethnic panel

The wheels really are falling off Len Brown’s Ethnic Advisory Panel.

Things haven’t gone well since he stopped shagging members of the panel.

A disability advocate recognised in the New Years Honours list has quit an Auckland Council panel, saying it’s no longer independent.

Huhana Hickey is the third member of the council’s community advisory panels to step down over concerns they are ineffectual.

Feroz Ali, chair of the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel, resigned last week saying the panel lacked legitimacy and was a waster of ratepayers’ money.

Panel member Kafeba Mundele then also stepped down. ? ?

Auckland Council has a group of panels advising on community matters, including heritage, youth, rural and seniors.

Mayor Len Brown met with some of the chairs on Wednesday to discuss the issues.

The rules on how the panels operated were changed late last year and their independence had been significantly watered down, Hickey said.

“I joined up (thinking) that we were going to be kind of, like, the conscience in the ear.

“It’s quite frustrating when you’re trying to make a difference to be only allowed to make a difference if it suits council.”

Len Brown loves tokenism…he sets up these panels so he can claim he has “consulted with the community”.

At $150,000 per annum it is something we don’t need but Len Brown is intent on setting up yet another panel, but a rainbow panel to provide a voice for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.

Excuse me but isn’t the rainbow community one of the more vocal communities in Auckland already? They have an annual parade and a festival…how on earth is a $150,000 per annum panel going to do anything they can’t already do for themselves.


– Fairfax