And Goff changes his mind, now thinking about Mayoralty


Phil Goff has constantly stated he doesn’t want to be Auckland Mayor…until now…once it became obvious that Len Brown has lost his supporters.

Labour MP Phil Goff is giving “serious consideration” to running for the Auckland mayoralty.

His comments come following claims sitting mayor Len Brown has lost the support of some of his campaign team.

The MP for Mt Roskill and Labour Party spokesman for Auckland issues says he’s thinking seriously about throwing his hat into the mayoral ring.

“After quite a number of approaches from across the community I have said that I’ll give serious consideration to it,” Goff said.

However he hadn’t reached any conclusions, he said. ?

“I actually love the job that I’m doing at the moment, and I’ve spent all my public life at a central government level, both as a parliamentarian and as a minister.

“So I’m weighing up a number of different things including looking at the issues that I think are important in Auckland, and considering whether I can make a real difference if I was in an elected position.”

He denied he was looking at overseas jobs, such as an ambassadorial posting.

“That’s not on my radar at the moment. You know, at some point, maybe.

“I don’t want a sinecure. I like to have a job that keeps me under a healthy pressure and where you can make a real difference.

“But it’s not something I want to do right now, I’ve still got a passion and a commitment to public life.”

I’ll just bet that John Key finds Phil Goff a nice job overseas.

Phil Goff would be as bad as Len Brown for mayor…the problem Goff has would be his inability to raise money.

Still with a man in the twilight of his parliamentary career an option to take the mayoralty is worth some thought.


– Fairfax