Andrew Bolt: The Left?s sinister silence on Islamism

Andrew Bolt has noticed the same thing I have…the left wing is silent on Islamism.

WHAT will it take for many in the Left to openly condemn the Islamic State? Why this silence in the face of evil?

In January, the Islamic State threw two men off a tall building in Iraq for the ?crime? of being gay.

In February, they threw another gay man off a building, this time in Syria and, when he somehow survived, had a crowd stone him to death.

IS is in a war against gays ? not just against Jews, Christians and any Muslim thought insufficiently devout.

But what have our main gay representatives ? largely Left-leaning ? said in response to such savagery against gays?

The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby? Silent.

Victoria?s Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby? Not one press release.

Labor frontbencher Penny Wong, openly lesbian? Nothing.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown, our first openly gay senator?

Also nothing.

Current Greens leader Christine Milne? Not a tweet.

Indeed, not one of the 150 floats in Sydney?s Gay and Lesbian mardi gras on Saturday flew a banner of protest against this deadly persecution or the brand of faith which inspired it.

Yes, the faith. Many Muslim countries do permit gay sex, yet it is also true that all seven countries which punish homosexuality with death are Muslim, with the Koran damning gays as ?people transgressing beyond bounds? who should have ?rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)?.

So why no protest from the gay Left? ??

Same question of our arts community, usually so ready to damn Right-wing foreigners.

How can it now say so little, not only against the slaughter of humans but now against the jihad on art?

Last month, IS jihadists smashed priceless ancient statues and reliefs at the Mosul museum.

Now they?ve bulldozed antiquities at Iraq?s ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, founded in the 13th century BC, and started to destroy the Parthian city of Hatra, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Again the inspiration behind this cultural genocide is Islam, or the hardliners? interpretation of it.

?These artefacts behind me are idols for people from ancient times who worshipped them instead of God,? one militant says in a video of the destruction at the Mosul museum.

So where are artists protesting this crime against civilisation? Where is the Australian Council for the Arts? Where are the bosses of our galleries and museums?

As silent as our Mufti himself.

I know, a press release or tweet doesn?t do much. But the Left isn?t usually this slow to at least let their thumbs do the talking.

And why? It seems there?s a collective wish to treat the battle against radical Islam as just proof of the racism of the ?Right?.

The Left?s role, then, is just to smugly attack these wicked critics of Islam and to ignore or excuse Islam?s most threatening exponents.

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He updated his post with the following:

Gay men are being thrown off buildings and stoned to death. Leading gay organisations here say absolutely nothing.

When I mention this, some journalists of the Left finally decide to say something about these obscene killings and the gay community?s refusal to say a word in solidarity with the persecuted.

Those journalists have been so stirred by my article that they confirm exactly my point … by attacking not the Islamic State but me.

If you think no one could have such sick priorities, check for yourself:

The Guardian?s Bridie Jabour

New Matilda?s Max Chalmers.

New Matilda?s Thom Mitchell.

– CNET news writer Claire Reilly.

– AAP reporter Danny Rose.

The Guardian?s Dave Earley.

– One Health Organisation project communications officer David Anderson.

Wil Anderson can see endless comic material in letting gays be murdered without a word of protest, except the laughs are on those who think this wrong. Mind you, I?ve always thought his comedy had a cold heart.

Once again the Left defends not a principle but a side.

It is sickening isn’t it…and yet here the Greens and labour all want us to cuddle up and hug these Islamist thugs and terrorists.

Their cowardice is disgusting, their claims of belief in basic human rights mere bumper stickers.


– The Herald Sun