Andrew Little’s Lack of Leadership in Northland

Today?s Colmar Brunton poll of the Northland electorate shows that without Labour?s third placed candidate in the race Winston Peters will win Northland easily.


This has caused a fair bit of chatter at Fraser House, where Andrew Little was advised not to run a candidate but chose to ignore that advice.

The reason for running a candidate was the Northland LEC wanted to run, even though their candidate was going to get a hiding.

Little should have had internal polls showing the results that the Colmar Brunton poll was saying. He should have known the only way National would lose is if Winston won, and he should have listened to his caucus and advisors who told him not to run a losing campaign that can only piss off his most important potential coalition partner.

Instead Little listened to the Northland LEC and let Willow-Jean Prime run.

If this was a head to head with only Winston and National?s anonymous candidate in the race it would be all over, and Winston would owe Labour a huge debt.

Instead Littles gutlessness in failing to stare down the Northland LEC means he has lost an opportunity to deal a blow to John Key and do a big favour to Winston.

When Labour comes a very distant third Robbo is going to be looking to stab Little from behind, or at the very least start the whispering campaign.