Another government objective looks shaky

The National-led government has a small list of objectives for the term. ?RMA reform, change the flag and social housing. ?Social housing joins the list of policies where National aren’t getting any momentum going their way.

The Salvation Army has decided not to buy Housing New Zealand properties off the Government, saying it did not think the lives of tenants would be improved by the transfer.

It says it lacks the expertise, infrastructure and resources to manage such a volume of property.

Prime Minister John Key said earlier this year that the Government planned to sell 1000 to 2000 state houses in the next year to community housing providers.

The Army undertook a “robust” external study to test its capacity to become a major social housing landlord, and concluded that it would not be getting involved.

“The Salvation Army has taken very seriously the opportunity to be the recipients of a Government housing transfer,” housing spokesperson Major Campbell Roberts said.

“However, we are not convinced that on our own The Salvation Army can offer a service that would markedly improve the lives and living conditions of state tenants.

On the bright side, organisations?looking Social Housing up and down are deciding they can’t do a better job than the Government. ? On the dark side, National’s intention to divest itself from some housing stock and stimulate a a large private provider social housing market is looking shaky.


– One News