Anti-sugar activists use children while hiding real agenda


Some journalists in this country just can?t help themselves. Take John Hudson?s TVNZ?s Sunday programme last night called Bittersweet.

His view of balanced journalism is getting a toddler to play in a plastic paddling pool full of sugar.

But the main gist of his anti-sugar programme was interviewing Dr Rob Beaglehole. I?ve called out Rob Beaglehole in the past, particularly over banning sugary drinks from Marlborough District Council facilities, all the while banning fluoride from the water in Marlborough.

But I?ll give it to Rob Beaglehole, at least he had the stones to call me up.

Now we see Rob Beaglehole is a key part of the taxpayer funded sugar tax lobbyists Fizz2030 ? remember, they?re the ones the?Taxpayers Union popped for fibbing about claiming endorsement from the Health Research Council of NZ.

You may remember that these public health campaigners were also running a ?consultation process? on sugar taxes. Problem was that they refused to comply with the Official Information Act.

Jump forward another 6 months and these troughers are back demanding sugar taxes again. And what better way than wheeling out John Hudson and asking kids if they?re addicts for drinking a can of V.

Here?s what John Hudson didn?t tell you, probably because it doesn?t suit his ?story angle’. The push for sugar taxes is nothing but a cover for a more sinister ploy.

Another obesity trougher – my good friend Boyd Swinburn, has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to pushing their real agenda under the ruse of ?healthy food environments?.


So while Rob Beaglehole may be at the coal-face of extracting teeth from a two year old whose stupid parents gave the kid a sugary drink in the first place, the real agenda is to impose Big Government on an industry they don?t like.

And clearly, there is no conflict of interest in tucking into millions of taxpayers dollars to lobby for public policy development. No of course not.