Are Auckland Transport stacking the vote?

A reader emails:


Just coming into work today to find Auckland Transport has set up a couple of “arch-ways” or whatever we might call them as a means to “consult” with the public about the council 10 year plan re: transport.

By walking through one arch you are being automatically counted by sensor as voting for either the “basic” or “advanced” transport network – noted no option for “get fucked I don’t want either of your plans” ?

Basically, anyone, tourist or otherwise walking from say Ferry to Queen St must pass through one option and be counted. Of course they are being very devious in putting the “advanced – all bells and whistles option” through the path of least resistance and so this option is being counted at 2:1 the other option – nothing to?do with what people are really thinking but just the way they like to walk up the road. The other option is closer to the buses, the road, the noise etc. and people would have to make a slight almost subtle deviation from the centre line to go this way – a deliberate act of walking through “basic” but with the easy path through advanced.

So we are being “consulted” and they will trump this as a strong approval for the advanced option that will bankrupt us twice over instead of the single bankruptcy of the basic option.

Could not get a decent picture on my phone but worth seeing if someone can get a shot. It really got my blood boiling that they would spend probably 20-30 grand (probably more) to set this bullshit up so they can “consult” but insure their predetermined plan trumps.


I also heard Len Brown the other night claiming on Larry Williams show that consultation was coming down heavily in favour of tolls on?the?motorways, something he can’t possibly deliver.

Once again there were only two options.

Len Brown intimated that he will get tolls pushed through.

The local body elections are going to be real interesting.