Argggh…the stupid…it burns [GRAPHIC IMAGE]

The stupid is strong in this one.

How stupid can you get? Clare Curran opposes forces being sent to Iraq but wants Kiwi journalists to provide news for her because she is so anti-American she loathes journalists doing their job if they are Americans?

She carries on after that slapping too…just to reinforce her stupidity.

Does this stupid bint not know?what happens to aid workers…


David Haines, an aid worker, who was in the region to provide assistance was beheaded, as was Alan Henning.

Alan Henning, aid worker, before his beheading

Alan Henning, aid worker, before his beheading

Aid worker David Haines, murdered and beheaded by ISIS scumbags

Aid worker David Haines, murdered and beheaded by ISIS scumbags

Clare Curran and Labour want humanitarian aid, but tell me this…anyone…How do you deliver aid unless you can provide security for aid workers.

The Labour party are complicit in the killings of aid workers through their cowardice.

Aid will never get through unless ISIS are engaged and defeated and attrited in the field of battle. Only then can meaningful aid get through.
until that happens these murderous thugs will continue to steal, rob and kill anything and anyone associated with trying to help the victims of their brutal and illegal regime.

I apologise for showing these images…but the stupidity of Labour and of idiots like Clare Curran necessitate some brutal honesty.

If they are too afraid to make bold decisions then they are unfit to govern, in fact they are unfit to even be an MP.

Clare Curran should resign, she is a gutless panderer to Islamic terrorists. What will she say next? That we should send some kapa haka groups to assist?

Perhaps Clare could lead them, she’d look fetching in an orange jumpsuit and?she certainly doesn’t appear to need her head for anything.


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