Auckland Council focusing on things that matter

Via the tipline:

Really? If it wasn’t silly enough that Green Taliban MP has a Bill to protect Bigfoot,? we now see Auckland Council greenies wanting to get rid of so called ?single use? plastic bags.


Sandra Murry from Auckland Council must really have a lot of time on her hands if she?s banging on about ?Single Use Plastic Bags?. ?

But there?s the hub of her problem: What is a a single use plastic bag? What about the big plastic bags you use as a bin liner?

Sandy Murry obviously doesn?t know that mums and dads use the plastic bags they bring home their groceries in for a whole lot of various uses, take putting the kids wet togs and towels in after swimming as but one example.

Maybe Sandy Murry wants to ban all plastic bags in order to save some minke whale that the Japanese haven?t yet caught to help their scientific research efforts.

I wonder if Auckland Councillors have been briefed on this? Maybe they?ll need a crisis meeting like they had over some random Kauri tree out in the Waitakeres?

The more I think about this, the more I want to know if Mayoral aspirant Phil Goff supports Auckland Council banning all plastic bags.