Auckland Council given serve by Hearings Panel

Auckland Council has been served up a cold dish of come-uppance by the Hearings Panel where it concerns the Unitary Plan.

Arrogantly Auckland Council’s heavy weights Penny Perrit and Roger Blakeley have been pushing forward their own agenda for some time.

After considerable debate the Hearing’s Panel Chair – Environment Court Judge David Kirkpatrick – has issued up a savage Interim advice note telling Auckland Council that the RPS (Regional Policy Statement) section of the Unitary Plan is essentially trite and it means the Council will need to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the most important section.

The RPS is the Policy and objectives section for the whole region and it’s flavour essentially cascades down through to the rules and zones and it dictates the way the city can and can’t expand or grow. Getting this right is not only critical but fundamental. ??

Council’s ineptitude has been put under the spotlight by the hearing’s panel. Concerns have been raised about objectives that have more to do with other legislation than the RMA and that the RPS objectives and policies as written are largely incomprehensible, inconsistent and that they stray into other areas. The hierachy is questioned and duplication is raised. In short – the RPS section of the Unitary Plan has been assessed as being a load of horse manure.

I’m hardly surprised by this.

Listening to the property industry for years I have no doubt that Auckland Council are useless and bent on pushing a leftist pinko agenda regardless of anyone or anything. I’m pleased to see that the panel has the stones to serve up a cup of bad news to Council. The question now is if this feedback is enought to convince Nick Smith that the beast in Auckland is simply out of control.

When good people turn bad is when they are provided with too much power and they start to do whatever they want.

Most don’t benefit personally to start with, but ignoring the rule of law and playing lord over cities with their own agenda and ideas they become arrogant, dictatorial and ultimately – corrupt.

From there the spiraling decay only leads to bad places.