Auckland Council wasting rates on fashion and make-up advice to back office staff

The Taxpayers Union has busted Len Brown’s Auckland Council spending on fashion and make-up advice.

It is small beer but shows the profligate waste going on inside Auckland Council.

The Taxpayers? Union can reveal that Auckland ratepayers have paid for an external image consultant to provide ?Brand Me? training to back-office accounting staff inside the Auckland Council.

Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says: ?While the Council is cutting services and library hours it is spending money on fashion and make-up advice for its back office accounting staff.?

It is a sad?irony that the very people whose job it is to keep a lid on Auckland Council?s spending are those wasting money getting ratepayer-funded hair and make-up advice.

?Image consultants Fox & Mae were contracted to run ?Brand Me? courses designed to assist with grooming, lifting the dress standard and help accounts staff understand the meaning of casual Friday.?

Mr Williams says, ?Image consultants are to help celebrities and the rich dress well. From a ratepayers? perspective this is about as helpful as funding tango lessons for the Mayor.?

Fox & Mae charged ratepayers?$3,561.25 for the two training sessions and the?Council?s response to the Taxpayers’ Union official information request has been?posted on the Union’s?website.

How do contracts like this even get let?

Was this a mates deal, nudge, nudge, wink, wink?

Is this what we pay rates for? Back office staff learning how to do their make-up.