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A heavily pregnant woman is flabbergasted at being refused a single glass of sparkling wine on her wedding anniversary last night at an Auckland restaurant.

Nichola Hayes and her husband Michael were looking forward to a rare night out just weeks before she is due to give birth to the couple’s second child.

They chose Mac’s Brewbar at the Nuffield Street Trading Company in Newmarket where Mrs Hayes asked for a glass of wine with pizza while her husband opted for beer.

But Mrs Hayes was “completely flabbergasted and embarrassed” when a waitress denied her service on the basis of her pregnancy.

Flabbergasted and embarrassed no less. ?

“One glass of bubbles for a consenting non-intoxicated adult at at advanced state of pregnancy,” she told the Herald today.

“I do see both sides of the story but at the same time many women drink within the first three months of pregnancy without knowing they are pregnant and when the foetus is at its most vulnerable.

“I think it is very much a grey area and would be interested in what other bars do in this situation.”

Mrs Hayes said the waitress thought initially she wanted a soda and tried to list options for those.

“I then pointed out to her the drink I would like from the menu; she went away and came back a few minutes later and said she thought she had misunderstood me and asked if I was pregnant.

“I said, yes, and she said she was uncomfortable serving pregnant women alcohol.”

The couple then spoke to the duty manager who Mrs Hayes said told them it was his licence under which the restaurant was operating “and he could refuse to serve me alcohol at his discretion for health reasons.

“He said that at his bar manager training it was stressed they were not to serve alcohol [to pregnant women].”

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