Behind the tree-huggers, what the media isn’t telling you

Let’s start with the tree…it isn’t 500 years old. Sources inside the Auckland Council tell me that the?council’s own arborists reckon it is barely 100 years old.

Then you’d think from the media that there is just one tree that needs saving without telling you that there are multiple Kauri on the site, some even bigger than this one…presumably they must be near a 1000 years old given their size. All bare this one are going to be retained in the development.

Anyone with basic history skills can tell you that Kauri in the Waitakeres were pretty much clear felled for their timber, except for one large pocket…which this tree is nowhere near. This will be a regrowth Kauri and as such is barely 100 hundred years old. There is no way that a 400 year old Kauri that close to the Manukau Harbour would have survived the clear felling of kauri.

Then we have the treehugger protesting a legal property development who has become the media’s hero.

But he ?is a Green Taliban extremist from Australia who has done similar stunts in Tasmania.

The Hager lover has even written his own Dirty Politics Waiheke. Like most green types he doesn’t believe in freedom of speech.

Yet Waiheke has not been immune to the rise of the attack blog. Ever since being voted out of office in the 2013 local body elections, former Waiheke Local Board deputy chair Jo Holmes and her sidekick Jerry Flay, along with ?anonymous? guest bloggers have been publishing daily blogs attacking: The Mayor, the new Waiheke Local Board Members, especially Paul Walden, Denise Roche, Green MP based on Waiheke, her partner and daughter, me, and anyone associated with Green or progressive politics anywhere.

Far from being a discussion of policies and ideas, the daily blog posts have been heavy on the personal attack, making unfounded accusations and relying heavily on superficial comments on people?s appearance. As Martyn Bradbury points out ?Politics can be angry, politics can be loud. ? but hateful? Hate politics has no place in a modern democracy?

In the Waiheke Whale Oil ?, Denise Roche is referred to as ?an old bag?, Becs Ballard is referred to as ?Barbie? I am called ?a silly little boy?, and implications alluding to physical characteristics of Denise?s 15 year old daughter have been made too.

Whilst for many the blog may be a form of light entertainment, as it is far more entertaining than any satire of the subject material could be, it is scarily serious. Jo has written or hosted pieces in favour of single use disposable plastic bags, blogged against the public fruit tree project in Blackpool, railed against the concept of ?fairtrade?, and has called Generation Zero (the youth climate change action group) ?just like the Hitler youth?! Whilst it would be amusing if read as satire, like The Civilian, or The Onion, there is no reason to believe that the views expressed there are not genuinely held. Jo admires and models herself on Cameron Slater?s Whale Oil blog. I?ll say that again: Jo admires Cameron Slater, and proudly considers her blog the Waiheke equivalent.

He also explains why he is a Waiheke unemployed Greenie, and highlights the usual green hypocrisy and sanctimony.

It is with this spirit and ethos that I promote and support Green politics, because I believe in the power of people to change the world they live in, and I believe in the ‘new ethic’ of respect and justice, and to this end I will work every day of my life to make it happen.

He claerly has no respect for council rules, private property right and there is certainly no justice for the landowner on whose land he is trespassing. Greens always are sanctimonious hypocrites.

He apparently has spent?spent his whole life fighting for ‘proper democracy”. Presumably that is where he gets all the say and everyone else shold shut up.

You have to love this line though:

It’s getting more and more dangerous and less and less sustainable to extract oil and gas from under the Earth, and we’re really feeling the effects of pumping all that extra carbon into the atmosphere. I get really excited by developments in renewable energy. Both centralised and distributed. There are challenges, but we are clever and we can overcome them.

He could contribute directly himself by stopping breathing…all that CO2 he is pumping out is really harming the planet.

On TVNZ Breakfast yesterday claimed he woke up read a tweet about the protest went to Titirangi couldn’t get any climbing gear, went back to Waiheke borrowed some, went back to Titirangi and climbed the tree. He did all this from ferry-timetable driven Waiheke to be up the tree when tree cutters arrived at 730am. If you really believe that tall tale then I have a bridge I can sell you.

The earliest ferry from Waiheke is 0600, and he stated he made two trips all before 0730 when he was up the tree.

This highly orchestrated campaign being run based on lies, mistruths and murk against the private property rights. There are plenty of other trees on that land, this is just one tree…and it isn’t 500 years old.

Even my good friend Rachel Smalley knows that tree isn’t 500 years old.

The media should stop spreading the lies and mis-information of left wing activists like Michael Tavares and Greg Presland.