BG2: Week 7


Just a quick report today, mostly to just gloss over the fact I’ve not been dieting for a week now. ?Family circumstances demanded I not be grumpy because I’m hungry, so I’ll be back on the horse from tomorrow. ? Luckily, most of you stuck to the program, and there has been some great progress this week.


I believe Cam’s hit the promised land: ?2 digits, but he hasn’t updated the sheet yet. ?EWWBL is going nanas in the kitchen making all sorts of exotic low-cal food. ?Prompt him, and he’ll tell you about it. ?Turns out he is a real foodie.

And I guess there is a lesson in my current stoppage – if you find yourself in a position where dieting simply is the last straw – then don’t. ?But don’t consider it a failure. ?Don’t give up. ?Simply deal with what’s in front of you, and when the dust settles, come back to it. ?It’s the progress over time that matters, not what happened over the last few days.