Bizarre logic from teacher’s union head

Apparently requiring police checks for teachers and people assisting at schools will affect the poorest schools…

A proposed charge on criminal checks will hit poorer school communities hardest, a teacher union says.

The Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) has added its voice to protestations from charities and volunteer groups.

Police check for any criminal history before a teacher is registered, and schools can also use police vetting for other staff such as coaches or teacher aides.

Such vetting is currently free but will cost $5 to $7 under a proposed law change that would allow the Government to charge for police services.

Appearing before a select committee, PPTA president Angela Roberts said police vetting was a public good, and should not be charged for.

To improve children’s safety every effort should be made to expand the number of cases where police vetting is used, Ms Roberts said. Charging for the service would likely lead to a drop in demand. ? ?

“The problem when you shift that cost to schools, or the teachers within those schools, or the soccer coaches within those schools, is you actually add to the inequity issues that we have in this country.

“Our most vulnerable children in the most vulnerable communities are less likely to be able to resource the police vetting that is required, or desired.”

Ms Roberts said the charges would probably not be any issue for private or high decile schools or people working with them.

I’m glad she raised deciles, because it makes a nonsense of her claims.

Lower decile schools are funded MORE than higher decile schools…so it just isn’t possible for her claims to stack up.

Or is she really saying that the PPTA would prefer to have criminals teaching and assisting at poorer schools?

The so called “most vulnerable children” are already getting considerably more than the “least vulnerable”.

Her claims simply do not hold water.


– NZ Herald